Cemetery Lettering

We carefully do Lettering of memorials and markers in the cemetery and pay strict attention to the letter style and by what technique it was cut, in order to match the exisitng lettering. If you have a photograph of the memorial it would be very helpful to us in properly determining the exact lettering.


Whenever possible, we inspect the memorial to be lettered to further ensure that the new lettering will match the old.When Sandblast sunk letters are found it is important to note if they were originally cut in a single or double process method, in order to follow suit. The letter size and style, whether they are full, modified or condensed letters, are very important considerations to enable a good match to the existing letters.


Matching old hand cut V/sunk letters requires craftsmen who are talented in the use of hand tools. This is the way the original letters were inscribed and new letters should be done to match

We notice that many firms who are unable to do handcut V/sunk letters now employ a sandblown technique, sometimes adding white paint to highlight the old and new letters. Sandblown letters do not have the appearance of handcut V/sunk letters and, of course, with time the paint deteriorates and the lettering becomes unsightly.

We call this to your attention since we have the background and personnel to hand cut letters on your memorial, just as they were cut originally.


Sandblast and Handcut are not the only type lettering available. There are numerous other types ranging from Outline Frosted, Square Raised, Round Raised, Rustic, etc. There are scores of lettering types, so it is important to see a photo or inspect the plot.


We ask that you contact us to determine how best we can help you. Since many cemeteries have rules and procedures to allow contractors to work in their cenetery, we would need the detailed cemetery and burial information, including the name(s) now on the memorial to be duplicated, to determine what is required in your cemetery.. Our full written proposal would then be submitted for your inspection and approval. All costs are detailed in the proposal and quoted prices are honored for thiry days.

If you have the need for Cemetery Lettering, please contact us at (800)-888-4142 and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Please allow two to three weeks for a reply once we have all the necessary information.