Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Many cemeteries have rules and regulations limiting the size, shape and finish of memorials they will allow to be placed on plots within their cemetery. Burial customs in various areas also may affect the memorial, since some graves will admit one, two, or even three burials, one above the other, all in a single grave. Therefore a three grave plot in one cemetery may allow only three burials, while in another there would be nine burials.

Because of this variation in burials and consequent memorial sizes and styles, it is essential to know about the cemetery and the plot location within.


Rural Areas - In many rural areas, retail memorial firms such as ours put in the concrete foundation. This is usually in smaller cemeteries which have no full time staff or no facilities to construct foundations.

Cities and Urban Areas - Most cemeteries in larger, higher density population areas have a staff or contractors who build foundations for them. They charge you, the plot owner, for this service. Because of the large diversity in cemeteries of this sort, the cemetery foundation charges cannot be determined until the exact foundation location is specified to the cemetery. As an example of this diversity, here are the range of prices for a two feet by one foot foundation for a few areas around the country:

Baltimore, MD $129.60 to $425.00
Houston, TX $50.00 to $150.00
New York City Area $158.00 to $513.00
Central Michigan Area $20.00 to $267.20
Los Angeles Area $60.00 to $300.00
Chicagoland $125.00 to $365.00
Toronto, Canada $53.00 to $275.00

As you can see, there is more than a ten-fold difference between the lowest and highest prices between these divergent areas, and even in the same area! There is no rational explanation for this discrepancy, but it is a fact of the cemetery business.