Repairs, Cleaning & Restoration

Our services also include the Cleaning & Repairing of Granite and Bronze works and Restoration of existing weathered or damaged stone or bronze work. Often, when inspecting for lettering to be added, we will call you attention to needed work.

We hope you will contact us to determine how we can best help you. Since many cemeteries have rules and procedures to allow contractors to work in their cemetery, we would need the detailed cemetery and burial information, including the name(s) now on the memorial, to determine what is required in your cemetery. Our full written proposal would then be submitted for your inspection and approval. All costs are detailed in the proposal and quoted prices are honored for thiry days.

If you have the need for cemetery Repairs, Cleaning, or Restoration, please contact us at (800)-888-4142 and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Please allow two to three weeks for a reply once we have all the necessary information.